After excellent feedback from our Kickstarter, we are rebuilding our design schedule, please check out our Facebook Page for ongoing information. In the meantime we have released busts of our prototypes for our followers eager to print some of the designs they have been watching. Check back regularly to see whats new!


Click Here for free prototype to test printability on your printer.

Wargaming has always been expensive, and this fact has led to sidelining mass combat games into skirmish rules. It has restricted new players dismayed at having to pay $500 plus to field a meaningful army. Now what if we could field regiments of models for ten cents per figure? If your next figure was ready faster than you could paint? Its time to put the gaming back into wargaming, We all like top tier models, but do rank and file all have to be exquisite masterpieces? Do we have to pay dollars based on point value?

At Printable Armies, we provide you with the designs you need, in STL file format, to print out your own wargaming miniatures using a standard 3D printer. You simply download the files from our server, load them onto your 3D Slicer, print, and you are good to go. If you have a larger bed ypu can print whole units while you sleep. The savings that are presented here are enormous, and given the fact that you can print these files over and over again, the value has the potential to pay itself off many times over. This is, to put it simply, a no-lose proposition.

Figures can also be used for RPGs, Board Games, etc...

Start making miniatures of your own, quickly, cheaply, and painlessly.

Get more figures. Save money. The benefits are clear. Home Printed Armies is the future of wargaming miniatures, and we are inviting you in on the ground floor.

We are always increasing our range, quality of sculpts and print optimization so check back often. Our models are modular in design,  so each set of models are built on the same skeleton. This means parts are mostly interchangable.

Each purchase is a collection of STL files containing the model parts, variants, and ready to print (supported) files. Once purchased you may download the files up to 3 times at your leisure. To order models already printed visit our Shapeways Store

* Prices plus sales tax, plus delivery